Castle Wulfenbach

Superscience Dirigible


Crew: 1 (Currently, no systems but flight installed)
Passengers: Unfinished, up to 200 depending on final layout.
Cargo: Unfinished, maximum load 100 tons, space depends on final layout
Size: 150m long
Cruising Speed: 90 kilometers per hour (56 mph), 3 hexes
Top Speed: 180 kilometers per hour (112 mph), 6 hexes
Deployment Range: 2000 (3000)
Flight Ceiling: 8km (~20,000 feet)
Maneuver Rating: -3
Armor: 40 Personal Scale, 4 Vehicle Scale
Radio Quality: -1 / 100km
Sensors: None at present

Lighter than Air (on structure hits, 1 altitude is lost per negative per turn)
Fuel Efficient (1.5)
Large Doors
Limited Life Support

Cannot Glide
Maximum Ceiling (4)
Fragile Chassis


He had a blimp under there? Doesn’t anyone just grow crops anymore?

Castle Wulfenbach

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