Gear Krieg: The Good Doctor Initiative

Impression Pemière

Pas si Grande

Ces gens sont fous! Ils sont plus de la moitié fou et depuis le point de suicidaire.I don’t want to die. Quel était le frère de la pensée quand il m’a envoyé pour les aider?

One is always half drunk and there is another who only speaks in Spanish. I have learned more curses then anything else about the language in the time I have spent in this man’s company. He is trying to learn German but his method is so…trop compliqué et stupide. Il pourrait simplement demander à quelqu’un dans notre groupe. Je veux dire il ya un couple d’entre nous qui parlent l’allemand. But never you mind perhaps he will catch on soon and stop with the dictionaries.

Or perhaps not.

The rest of the group seems to be okay. Though there is a Japanese man, I think his name is K-E-G, he is harder to understand then the rest but he is très forte. The drunk man is also alright. A little crass in his execution mais hélas maybe he will learn.

In the two days I have been traveling with these people I have been attacked many times. Je me demande si tous ces gens ont vraiment mauvaise chance? Once right before we left Poland and then again en route to England.

The enemy is using weaponry I have never seen before. Il est gros et puissant et cher lord, si les Allemands ont plus j’ai peur pour le monde. The Drunk was injured badly in the battle revealing this tech but the medic got him up long enough to help finish off the Leader of the sky attack. Il m’a fait souhaiter que j’avais été en mesure d’acquérir un certain type de grenade flash ou dispositif de contrôle des foules.

Cat man was not present for any of this battle, he was upstairs guarding the civilians. On a more personal note: never use unmounted heavy weapons. It’s bad and messing up hurts. C’est vraiment très mal.

The British finally came to help us and we were escorted to England safely. There we meet with ombragée personnes à la recherche who brought us to a mansion with some of the cargo we had acquired. I feel that this may have been a bad idea but that is not for here nor there.

On that note Never gamble with a inebriated Solomon C’est une idée stupide et insensé n’aurait jamais dû venir à la fonction. Il est un tricheur horrible.Une idée complètement stupide et la honte sur moi pour l’avoir fait.

In conclusion this group is not constructive to my health but I love it.

Adieu jusqu’à la prochaine fois, si je vis encore pour vous informer de plus. Je pars pour trouver du matériel explosif.

Auralia Bisset



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