Gear Krieg: The Good Doctor Initiative

Turn the Radio Up
League of Nations Plenipotentiary Team Report

Calling upon unique individuals from across the world, Deputy Secretary General Sean Lester of the League of Nations has created a new initiative in the desperate attempt to restore peace and halt the spread of facism. With the potential of war looming, particularly with the signing of a non-agression pact between Germany and Russia, any action must be quick and decisive.

Without time to properly train or further equip his operatives, the first provisional Plenipotentiary Team is sent to Poland to make contact with a brilliant inventor who fled Germany several months ago and had been hiding in a rural area of Poland. To avoid moving directly through Germany, transportation was arranged to insert them into the nation by plane and fishing boat. From there, they drove to the last known location of Doctor Wulfenbach, a small town called Mokra.

Once there, an altercation erupted when the team came across a smuggler wearing what appeared to be a Nazi uniform. As the team attempted to capture the presumed Nazi, Doctor Wolfenbach and his assistant, Solomon Graves found the smuggler they were supposed to meet being fired upon by someone unknown to him who apparently had many friends. After a tense standoff, they were able to work out the confusion and went to try and find the smuggler, who Solomon knew would likely be back in his nest in Krakow. After searching the city, the team find him in a burlesque house and manage to complete the exchange. Shortly after the deal is completed, however, some suspicious-looking men entered the club, and the team decided to leave swiftly.

Being chased by several sedans filled with gun-toting thugs, the team raced through the streets of Krakow, engaging in a high speed gun battle for their very lives. Returning very late at night to the doctor’s farm near Mokra, most of the team settled in to sleep, while the doctor went to install the recently received goods to his project. It was around this time that REDACTED left the farm, being followed by REDACTED and REDACTED, who hid themselves on the truck he used to drive to town. When REDACTED arrived in town, he met his contact who gave him REDACTED and REDACTED in return for the promise to get his family out of Poland. Before the exchange took place, however, German bombing hit the town. In the chaos, the team exchanged vehicles with the contact and managed to collect his family and head to the doctor’s farm.

At the farm, the doctor had conscripted REDACTED and REDACTED to help him finish installing the engines on his project. The rest of the team arrived to find that while the majority of the German blitz had been redirected towards the Polish counterattack, the doctor’s farm had attracted some attention. After deftly dispatching them, the doctor revealed his project, named Castle Wulfenbach, a rigid air ship based on his own designs. With it, he, the team, and the contact’s family were able to escape from Poland.

It is presumed that the team will arrive in England within the day.


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